Dental Onlays – An Alternative to Crowns?

Dental Onlays - An Alternative to Crowns? April 15, 2019 What is an Onlay? An onlay is an indirect restoration - meaning it’s made completely outside of the mouth, custom fit to the area it’s replacing. This differentiates it from fillings, or direct restorations (built up inside the mouth using composite). [...]

Where can I find fluoride?

Where can I find fluoride? March 4, 2019 Photo by S&B Vonlanthen on Unsplash We’ve tackled the debate on fluoride before, and it’s no surprise which side we are on. Our recommendation - and the American Dental Association’s - hasn’t changed; regular fluoride exposure is crucial to strengthening tooth enamel, preventing [...]

86 Years Strong

86 Years Strong Dec 5, 2018 This time of year, especially as we prepare to move into our 87th year of business (!!) always gets us reflecting on how fortunate we are. Wonderful patients, dedicated and talented staff, a rich tradition of compassionate dentistry. And so much to look forward to! Come [...]

What Kind of Patient Are You?

What Kind of Patient Are You? June 25, 2018 Everyone has a different relationship to their healthcare - different priorities and resources that define the kind of care you seek. We’re not judging, we promise! But in our experience, dental patients fall into one of three categories - and knowing which category [...]