Introducing Accelerated Invisalign at Strobel Dentistry: Straight Teeth in Half the Time!!

We LOVE Invisalign and the results it can offer our patients, so you can imagine how excited we were when we found a supplemental treatment that could get patients results in half the time. Introducing Propel Orthodontic Treatment, a new treatment that allows us to complete many Invisalign cases twice as fast!

How does Propel treatment work?

We use two Propel treatment aids in our office: the Excellerator and the vPro5. The Excellerator is typically applied during your first Invisalign visit by the doctor and uses a technique called micro-osteoperforation. The micro-osteoperforation process temporarily weakens the bone which allows us to accelerate the movement of the teeth with the Invisalign aligners. We do recommend getting numb for this micro-invasive treatment, but completing this 20-30 minute process will stimulate the bone allowing for straight teeth in a fraction of the normal time.

The vPro5 is an easy to use at home aid. Worn for 5-15 minutes every day, the vibrations stimulate alveolar bone growth while improving how aligners sit on the teeth, making for better, more predictable treatment results in less time. It has also been shown to reduce the already minimal discomfort of new aligners and reduce the possibility of needing additional treatment after the initial Invisalign case. And as an added bonus for all those data lovers out there, the vPro5 records compliance and tracks results that your doctor can download at your visits.

How much time does Propel save me?

When used consistently in office and at home, Propel treatments can reduce the time in each aligner by over 50% - Each aligner is typically worn for 5 days instead of the normal 14 days.

Can everyone use Propel?

Unfortunately not every case, due to varying complexity and treatment objectives, can be helped by Propel. It can help in a wide range of cases, however; if a shortened treatment period makes Invisalign a more realistic option for you, talk to us today to see if you’re eligible!