Acid and Sugar Levels in Common Food and Drink

Demineralization, or loss of tooth enamel, begins at around an acidity level of 5.5 pH. Battery acid (1.0 pH) and water (neutral 7.0 pH) are included in this list for comparison.

DrinkpHSugar (g)DrinkpHSugar (g)
Battery Acid1Apple Sauce3.4
Lemon Juice2-2.66Sprite3.4238
Lime Juice, raw2 – 2.354Plum nectar3.4516
Pepsi2.4941Juicy Juice3.531
Red Wine2.3-3.8<1Apples3.5-3.919
Cranberry Juice, canned2.3–2.5230Diet 7-UP3.670
Vinegar2.4 – 3.40Salad Dressing3.6
SoBe SugarFree Tropical2.50Orange Juice3.721
Tonic Water2.53White Wine3.71.3
Cherry Coke2.5242Vegetable Juice3.9-4.39
Coke Classic2.5339Tomato Ketchup (tbsp)3.93
SoBe Strawberry Grape2.624Prune Juice, canned3.95-3.9742
Capri Sun2.618Seedless Raisins415
Hi-C Lemonade2.726Yogurt4.1-4.3
Unsweet Flavored Water (LaCroix)**2.74-3.340Pear Nectar4.0338
Gatorade2.7-3.321Acidophilus milk4.09-4.2512
Powerade2.7514 (4 per btl)Tomato juice4.1-4.69
Diet Cherry Coke2.80Tomatoes3.7-4.7
Oranges2.8-412A&W Root Beer4.331
Grapefruit Juice2.9–3.2522Buttermilk4.41-4.8312
Iced Tea2.9-30Barq’s4.6145
Dr. Pepper2.9264Tea4.9-6.50
Cider Vinegar3.11Natural Cheese5.1
Dt CodeRed Mountain Dew3.10Coconut Water5.36
V8 Splash Berry Blend3.125Plain sparkling water5.5
Upside down 7-up3.225Carrot Sticks5.55
Fresca3.20Guava Nectar5.531
Snapple Lemon Tea3.234.5Evaporated Milk5.9-6.329
Snapple Diet Tea3.20Aloe Juice6-6.80
Mountain Dew3.2238.5Condensed Milk6.33166
Pineapple Juice, canned3.3-3.625Cow’s Milk6.4-6.812
Orange Juice, raw3.3-4.1921Goat’s Milk6.4811
Diet Mountain Dew3.340Eggs6.62
Sherry wine3.3745-115Coconut Milk6.10-78
Diet Coke3.390Water70
Apple Juice3.35 – 424Soy Milk76-12

** Note that with flavored seltzers, the addition of citric acid will reduce the pH and put the drink at the lower end of this range

Information sources include: 21st Century Dental, FDA reports, Calorie Count, Sensodyne company releases, Sparkling Water Study, Wiki and Yahoo answers, and Nutrition Data