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Abrasiveness Levels in Toothpaste

Ranked by RDA value (Relative Dentin Abrasivity)

We recommend a low abrasion toothpaste (under 75) to help prevent increased sensitivity and gum recession. Below you’ll find a list of common toothpastes organized by brand, from low to high abrasive values. 

The ADA had a RDA limit for certification of 250, while the FDA caps it at 200.

MiscBrush w. plain water4AquafreshSensitive91
MiscPlain Baking Soda7Tom’s of MaineOriginal93
WeledaSalt Toothpaste15RembrandtPlus94
ElmexSensitive Plus30Nature’s GatePastee95
WeledaPlant Tooth Gel30Oxyfreshw. Fluoride95
Arm & HammerDental Care35CrestRegular95
SensodynePronamel line35OxyfreshPowder97
WeledaChildren’s Tooth Gel40Natural WhiteOriginal101
Arm & HammerAdvance Whitening/Peroxide42MentadentOriginal103
SquiggleEnamel Saver44Arm & HammerSensation103
OxyfreshOriginal45SensodyneExtra Whitening104
WeledaCalendula Toothpaste45Arm & HammerAdvance White106
WeledaPink Toothpaste w. Ratanhia45CrestSensitivity Protection107
Arm & HammerDental Care Sensitive48Amway GlisterOriginal110
Tom’s of MaineSensitive49ColgateOptic White Platinum110
Arm & HammerPeroxicare Regular52PrevidentOriginal112
ClosysOriginal53Arm & HammerAdvance White Gel117
Arm & HammerDental Care PM Bold Mint54Arm & HammerSensation Tartar Control117
Tom’s of MaineChildren’s57Close Upw. Baking Soda120
ClinProOriginal62ColgateSensitive Pro-relief127
SupersmileOriginal62CrestExtra Whitening130
RembrandtMint63Ultra BriteOriginal133
Arm & HammerAdvance White Sensitive70Colgate Enamel HealthSensitivity Relief135
ColgateCavity Protection70Colgate Enamel HealthWhitening135
ColgateTotal Mint Gel72ColgateSensitive Max Strength140
BioteneOriginal78CrestMulticare Whitening144
SensodyneOriginal79Ultra BriteAdvanced Whitening145
Close UpOriginal80Arm & HammerDental Care Fresh Mint178
Under the GumOriginal82ColgateTartar Control180
Nature’s GateOriginal87Colgate2 in 1 Whitening200
ColgateAdvanced Whitening200
  • 0 – 75: low abrasive
  • 76 – 100: medium
  • 101 – 150: high   151 – 250: harmful